Siste nytt innen Helse og Vaksiner!

For years, the medical establishment has recommended that aging folks supplement with calcium to maintain strong bones and avoid developing osteoporosis. And more recently, science has revealed vitamin D as a necessary nutrient co-factor in the proper absorption of calcium. But millions of people are still grossly deficient in magnesium, an important mineral compound that Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., says is absolutely vital for maintaining proper bone health.

In a piece published earlier this year by The Huffington Post, Dr. Dean explains why a lack of magnesium, rather than a lack of calcium, is often the true culprit in age-related bone loss and other chronic health problems. So little is said about the importance of magnesium by the mainstream media, in fact, that most people have no idea that they are probably not taking in enough magnesium on a daily basis to stay healthy.