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New cases of bladder cancer are slowly rising in the U.S., as the disease will be diagnosed in 75,000 new cases this year. Bladder cancer will kill 15,000 people this year, and the incidence is three times more prevalent in men than women. As with many forms of cancer, the disease is the result of poor lifestyle choices over the course of decades, as waste metabolites cause genetic alterations in the lining of the bladder that eventually results in cancer.

Vitamin D has been the topic of more than 10,000 research works over the past decade, and has been shown to be a critical factor in blocking DNA mutations that lead to a wide variety of different cancer lines. A research team from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre has published the results of their work in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) that explains how high levels of vitamin D are associated with protection against bladder cancer.