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Diabetics' risk of developing heart disease or suffering a fatal heart attack are nearly doubled due to the devastating effect of insulin dysfunction and high blood glucose levels. Experts estimate that as many as one in three Americans will be affected by diabetes through the year 2050, a strong indicator that rates of cardiovascular disease and death from heart attack will skyrocket in a linear fashion. Fortunately, diabetes and heart disease are preventable through proper diet, physical activity, lifestyle alterations and a host of natural compounds including vitamin D.

A research team from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has determined that people with diabetes often develop clogged arteries that cause heart disease, and suggest that low vitamin D levels are to blame. Publishing in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, principal investigator, Dr. Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi commented "About 26 million Americans now have type 2 diabetes... and as obesity rates rise, we expect even more people will develop diabetes. Those patients are more likely to experience heart problems due to an increase in vascular inflammation, so we have been investigating why this occurs."