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A growing number of pregnant women are beginning to develop gestational diabetes during their pregnancy, usually around the 24th week. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 18 percent of hospital pregnancies are affected by gestational diabetes. This means that a woman is unable to make and use all the insulin she needs during pregnancy. This condition also increases the risk of Caesarean section delivery, which is a growing medical interventionist procedure.

The American Diabetes Association proposes vague risk factors, bypassing real dialogue about honest solutions. While the ADA points to genetics, ethnicity and maternal age as risk factors for developing gestational diabetes, they are distracting from cellular nutrition solutions, as they make their general correlations.

How would the ADA explain the rising incidences of gestational diabetes?
Are more pregnant women coming from a certain ethnicity?
Are more expectant mothers getting "bad genetics" from their ancestors?
The ADA's risk factors list bypasses real dialogue.

The real questions should be:
What are pregnant women lacking today?
What do their cells need?
What is going on at the molecular level?