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Blocked out of our modern lives with chemical lotions and chemtrail aerosols, sunlight is often disregarded and disrespected. Sedentary lifestyles keep people indoors, out of touch with the sun's living energy. As the main source of vitamin D, sunlight is often taken for granted and misunderstood for its role in preventing a wide range of degenerative diseases. Life on Earth depends on the energy emanating from the sun, including its unseen powers of vitamin D that shine down, through our skin and into our meticulous, living bodies.

Vitamin D, misunderstood and criticized by drug company propaganda

Often criticized by the mainstream media, vitamin D has come under duress in recent years. Misleading studies pushed by drug companies often infiltrate the media, criticizing vitamin D for having no role in preventing disease.

The confusion leads many men and women to be skeptical about nutrition, as they cling to allopathic medical advice that is often an echo of modern pharmaceutical advertisement.

In the modern television world, the healing energy of the sun and ground alone is thought to be a hoax, or witchcraft, even though many cultures have and still depend on this natural healing for their well-being. And those people will always be better off, outside the box, reaping nature, life and freedom.

Meanwhile though, the misinformation surrounding vitamin D is clamming people up in modern society, suppressing immune systems and welcoming conditions that suddenly send people to the emergency room. Some may begin to wonder: "Why are my bones fragile?" "Why is my skin breaking out?" "Why do I get sick three times a year for weeks on end?" "Why am I so depressed this winter?" Although much is at play in these health concerns, vitamin D may help all these situations in one way or another.