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Stroke is a leading cause of death throughout the world and it is responsible for the most deaths in China. Prevention before a first stroke occurs — often called primary prevention — is of the utmost in importance because most strokes — about 77 percent — can be termed as being first time events. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) a study undertaken in China recently involving the supplementation of Vitamin B has promising implications for the short and long term health of those most at risk for stroke.

Study details results found in 20,000 adults

At Peking University’s First Hospital, Yong Huo, M.D., the study’s director, along with colleagues and assistants, studied 20,702 adults who already had been diagnosed with hypertension but who did not have a history of either heart attack or stroke. Each person was assigned to a daily treatment. One group received a tablet of enalapril and folic acid combined while the other group received only enalapril.