Siste nytt innen Helse og Vaksiner!

If you’re having trouble conceiving, boosting your vitamin D intake might help. A recent study revealed that women undergoing fertility treatment are 33 percent more successful if they have healthy levels of vitamin D.

Scientists from Birmingham University have determined that women undergoing fertility treatment were 33 percent more likely to get pregnant if they had high levels of vitamin D. This could be one reason why people have an easier time conceiving during summer since vitamin D levels are increased by the sun’s rays.

The National Health Service (NHS) has previously advised pregnant women or those trying to conceive to take vitamin D supplements regularly, which can help in the development of their baby. These new findings imply that it can also help them conceive in the first place. (Related: Fertility Secrets: How to create your get-pregnant plan unveiled by 20 holistic experts in new empowerment program.)