Siste nytt innen Helse og Vaksiner!

Of course you want strong bones, a reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis. An upbeat mood and healthier lungs are just as great.

Enter vitamin D, one of your best bets in achieving overall wellness. But there’s a hitch. Getting vitamin D is no walk in the park.

A study of 937 children whose ages ranged from nine to 12 pointed to low vitamin D supply as one of the reasons why school children in Iran were thrice as likely to suffer from anemia compared to their healthier counterparts. The study found that low vitamin D levels were seen in 96.8 percent of the children, compared to 91.5 percent in the non-anemic group. This made the Iranian researchers conclude that vitamin D plays a role in the formation of iron in the body. This is essential in carrying oxygen in the blood and in keeping our organs healthy.